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We are 4th generation supplier of fish and game in Deal on the East Kent coast and are proud to be a traditional fishmongers and poulterers serving the public and trade across Kent and the South East.


We are passionate about our business and committed to responsible sourcing from suppliers who take pride in using only the most responsible fishing practices.


We’re registered First Buyers so wherever possible we buy directly from the people that catch the fish and shellfish, predominantly from inshore dayboats, which fish the waters off the South coast.


And we buy from the best responsible and sustainable suppliers of farmed fish like ChalkStream, who care about and take of their fish and the waters they’re raised in.


When you’ve been in business for more than 40 years like us, you are an integral part of the local community and we source the best local suppliers we can find.

Dayboats are small and as the name indicates, are out and back in the day so their catch is fresh and local and available to buy from our Deal shop or delivered to your restaurant kitchen typically within 24 hours of being caught.


They bring us wonderful fish and shellfish including plaice, Dover sole, mackerel, sea trout, bass, turbot, crabs and lobsters.


We’ve known many of these fishing boats and the men that work on them for many years and have bought direct from them for generations.


We usually know not only who caught it, but where and how.


How’s that for traceability!



We know our customers value choice so we also source fish and shellfish from fish markets and suppliers across Britain so that you can enjoy the best the British waters have to offer.


Wherever possible, we buy from people we know, trust and who share our commitment to quality, sustainability, traceability and responsible fishing practices.


Jenkins & Son prides itself on its ability to provide our customers on demand the ability to track back any product through all stages of production, processing and distribution.


Traceability should mean that movements can be traced one step backwards and one step forward at any point in the supply chain.


1. On arrival at Jenkins & Son all product is quality checked and weighed into the business.


2. Results from the landing are recorded on the daily port landing sheets


a. The port of landing sheet contains the date, boat name / location, weight and product type.


b. The landing from each boat is labelled before storage in chill and/or processing


3. The product is processed following the appropriate HACCP system.


4. All products are given a daily batch code / date of production.


a. Batch code or date of production on all product throughout its time in the premises from intake to dispatch to customers


b. Batch code or date of product applied to product label before it leaves the premises for quoting by customers in case of issues arising.




We put food safety first and have achieved HACCP certification. This means we have met all the stringent criteria set for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, a preventative food safety system in which every step in the manufacture, storage and distribution of a food product is scientifically analyzed for microbiological, physical and chemical hazards