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Pre-Order Christmas Turkeys [2023]

Pre-Order Christmas Turkeys [2023]

Our exquisite bronze free range turkeys are here and ready to be pre ordered from our fishmongers in Deal, Kent.

Christmas is coming soon. Have you decided what you’ll be doing for Christmas dinner?

For years, we’ve been sourcing our delicious bronze free range turkeys from Appledore simply because like us they are another successful family-run business in Kent, but they’ve also won a Great Taste award every year for the last 10 years!

Free Range Turkeys Deal Kent Jenkins and Son Fishmongers
Free Range Turkeys Deal Kent Jenkins and Son Fishmongers

The Appledore process

Appledore’s turkeys live a full and active life, reaching full maturity under the highest standards of welfare and care for the environment before they start the process from farm to table.

Once left for seven days to mature, the turkeys natural flavours develop as part of the age old tradition of turkey production.

All turkeys are supplied in greaseproof paper and a carry-home box that includes rosemary, vacuum packed giblets, pop-up timer and a leaflet of recipe ideas with simple cookings tips.

Prices of our turkeys in Deal, Kent

Our turkeys range in all manner of different sizes; starting at 4kg and increasing to a whopping 10kg. The more people you need to feed, the bigger the turkey you need!

  • 4-5kg – £79.99
  • 5-6kg – £89.99
  • 6-7kg – £99.99
  • 7-8kg – £109.99
  • 9-10kg – £120.00

Being able to give our customers such a variety of sizes means that Appledore’s turkeys are perfect for all families.

How to pre order yours

The easiest way to pre order your turkey for Christmas is to pop into the shop and speak to Darren. Alternatively, you can give us a call on 01304 364613.

All turkeys must be preordered by Friday 1st December 2023 to be delivered in time for Christmas.

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