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Home Delivery Menus

Home Delivery Menus

Fresh fish direct to your door

Little beats the convenience of having your fresh fish and seafood delivered direct to your door and we deliver free to Deal and most of East Kent (that’s CT postcodes)*

We also have a great range of high quality frozen options and lovely ready-made dishes cooked for you in our ow kitchens by our chef, Peter.

So take a look at this week’s home delivery menu and call 01304 364 613 to place your order

Our Fresh Fish and Seafood

Bass and Bream Fillets (140-170g) £3.00 each

Whole Bass 350-450g £4.99 each

Cod Fillets 180-220g £2.99 each

Fresh Cooked Cod Roe £16.50 per kg

Dorset Clams 1kg bag £13.99 per bag

Fish Pie Mix 350g only £4.99

Haddock Fillets 180-220g £2.50 each

Halibut Loin £32.00 per kg

Hake Portions £3.50 each

Fresh Mackerel 350-400g £2.99 each

Live Mussels 1kg bag £5.99

Oysters 99p each

Plaice Fillets £3.99 each

Pollock Portions £2.95 each

Fresh Raw King Prawns, 1kg (30-40 prawns) £19.99 per kg

Salmon Portions 160-180g £3.50 each

Scallops £3.99 per 100g

Peeled Shrimps £6.99 per 100g

Skate Wings 350-450g £4.99 each

Dover Soles (400g) £9.99 each

Lemon Soles £6.99 each

Whole Trout (gutted) 300-350g £3.49 each

Sushi Tuna £26.00 per kg

Dressed Crab £6.99 each

Cockles and Whelks £2.50 per 100g

Anchovies (Garlic, Chilli, Peppers) 200g for £3.99

Extra Large Rollmops £1.95 each

Lumpfish Roe Black or Red £3.99 per jar

Samphire £2.50 for 100g

Our Smoked Fish:

Arbroath Smokies £14.30 per kg

Gravadlax (200g pack) £8.99 each

Smoked Cod Roe £30.00 per kg

Natural Smoked Haddock portions 180-220g £ 2.99 each

Yellow Smoked Haddock portions 180-220g £2.99 each

Golden Haddock Cutlets £1.99 each

Smoked Haddock (3kg – ideal for freezing) £38.00

Boned Large Kipper Fillets £4.99 per pack

Whole Jumbo Loch Fyne Kippers £2.99 each

Whole Smoked Mackerel 350-500g £4.99 each

Smoked Mackerel Fillets (x2) £2.50 per pack

Smoked Salmon (200g) £7.99 per pack

Smoked Salmon Trimmings (200g) £4.99 per pack

Smoked Salmon 1kg pack (2-week shelf life) £19.99 per pack

Smoked Trout Fillets £4.99 per pack

Our Frozen Fish and Seafood

Monkfish Fillets (Skinned and Boned) £18.50 per kg

10x Fish Fingers x10 £2.50

Whole Tail Scampi 1lb £4.95

Peeled Scampi 1lb Bag £8.99

Peeled Raw Tiger Prawns 1kg £12.00

Peeled Cooked Tiger Prawns 1kg £14.99

Large Peeled Prawns 1kg £13.50

Tempura Prawns 500g Box £8.99

Filo Pastry Prawns 500g Box £8.99

Seafood Cocktail Mix 1kg Bag £8.99

Squid Tubes 1kg £6.99

Whitebait 1lb £2.80

Blanchbait 1lb Bag £3.99

Escargots 125g Tray £4.99

Smoked Salmon 200g £7.99

Smoked Salmon 1kg £19.99

Kipper Fillets, Pack of Two

From our Kitchen

Delicious dishes prepared for you by Jenkins & Son’s Head Chef, Peter

Smoked Mackerel Pate (150g tub) £3.99

Smoked Salmon Pate (150g tub) £4.99

Potted Shrimps (150g tub) £5.99

Taramasalata (150g tub) £4.99

Cod Bake – small £3.99

Cod Bake – large £7.99

Salmon Bake £4.99

King Prawn Curry £5.99

Monkfish Curry £5.99

Fish Pie – small £4.99

Fish Pie – large £8.99 £2.00

Fish Stock (500ml)

Sauces (200g packs)

Fresh Hollandaise Sauce £2.99

Fresh Dill Sauce £2.99

Lemon Butter Sauce £2.99

Heatonomy Sauces & Oils

Very Hot Hot Sauce 100ml

Reaper Hot Sauce 100ml

Sweet Chilli Garlic Sauce 220ml

Spiced Chilli Oil 220ml

Dried Limed Chilli Oil 220ml

Chilli Cherries 110ml


To order from our home delivery menus, just call 01304 364 613.

Free delivery* is available to Deal, Dover and Sandwich with a minimum £25.00 order and to Folkestone, Canterbury and Thanet with minimum order of £50.00