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It’s Smokin’

It’s Smokin’

Three ways with hot smoked salmon

Our homemade hot smoked salmon is flying out the door so we thought we’d give you three recipe ideas, one each for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Breakfast: Baked eggs with hot smoked salmon & herbs

Eggs and hot smoked salmon are a marriage made in heaven so what better that this for a protein-rich breakfast or brunch? Delicious Magazine’s recipe mixes the hot smoked salmon with onion, horseradish, lemon juice, cream and parsley. Crack in the eggs and sprinkle with Parmesan then bake while you get some sourdough toast on, ready to dunk into those luscious egg yolks. Delish!

Baked eggs with hot smoked salmon from Delicious Magazine

Lunch : Hot smoked Salmon Nicoise with Fried Capers

We love a nicoise, especially with a twist – hot smoked salmon instead of tuna as in this Martha Stewart recipe from Swapping the traditional olives for capers fried in hot oil to crisp them up adds a delicious dimension to this classic salad and cuts through the richness of the salmon.

Hot smoked salmon nicoise salad from Martha & Marley Spoon

Dinner: Hot Smoked Salmon with Roast Potatoes and Dill

Nigel Slater is great at tasty comfort food with only a handful of ingredients and this recipe from The Guardian got our mouths watering. You boil then roast little potatoes with olive oil, white wine vinegar and dill for 15 minutes then pop on the pieces of hot smoked salmon and cook for another 10 minutes. Yum!

hot-smoked salmon, potatoes and dill. Photograph: Jonathan Lovekin/The Observer