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Order your Christmas turkey

Order your Christmas turkey

It’s time to place your Christmas order

Yes, it’s that time again! Christmas is just five weeks away so now’s the perfect time to order your turkey and other delights for your Christmas feast.

You loved our set prices for turkeys last year so we’re doing it again this Christmas. It means you know exactly what the cost will be when you come to pick up your bird with no nasty surprises on size and price when you collect.


All our turkeys come from a local family farm. They are the Bronze variety, named for their black plumage with its distinctive iridescent sheen, and known for their delicious taste.

These are free-range birds that live a long and healthy life. They enjoy a natural diet and the freedom to roam the farm’s grassy paddocks. This is what gives them their distinctive taste and texture – super delicious and ideal for the festive season.

Pick your size and price from the list and order yours now in our Deal High Street shop with a £10 deposit.

Delicious Christmas fare

We have all sorts of other delicious Christmas fare for you to order from goose and capon (a more fully-flavoured large chicken) to salmon sides or whole), lobster and smoked salmon.

The deadline for turkey, goose and capon orders is Saturday 14th December 2019.

Just call us on 01304 364613 or come and see us at our Deal shop on 118 High Street and tell us what you’re after for your Christmas feast!


Free-range Bronze turkeys

5kg bronze turkey £69.99

6kg bronze turkey £76.99

7kg bronze turkey £79.99

8kg bronze turkey £84.99

9kg bronze turkey £89.99

10kg bronze turkey £94.99

Free-range Geese

A delicious alternative for Christmas dinner, cook your goose on a rack so the fat runs off and the skin goes lovely and crisp. Collect the fat to roast your potatoes and keep any left in the fridge to use another day.

Small goose £59.99

Medium goose £69.99

Large goose £79.99

Free-range Capons

Capons were once a tradition for Christmas for the well-to-do and got overlooked after the turkey became popular but they shouldn’t be. These are male chickens reared on a special diet to give them a lovely tender, juicy meat. Roast them just as you a chicken or braise with veggies, herbs and wine.

Small capon £36.99

Medium capon £46.99

Large £56.99 capon

Call 01304 364613 to order