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Fall in love with smoked fish

Smoking fish started out as a way to preserve fish, with fish salted then dried or smoked. But something magic happens during the smoking alchemy which adds richness and flavour like no other to many types of fish and seafood so we now use the technique to produce simply delicious fish.


There are two ways to smoke – cold and hot. The names are fairly explanatory: cold smoking, usually used for oily fish like salmon and trout, actually cures the fish. The fish is salted for soaked in a brine and then smoked over wood chips that are only smoldering to give flavour.

There are other ways to cure fish that involves no smokey element – Gravadlax being the best-known.


Hot smoking is as it sounds, a process of smoking fish over burning wood chips, actually cooking the fish. The flavour of the fish varies depending on what type of wood is used. Smoked mackerel is hot smoked. As are Arbroath smokies – small fresh haddock smoked traditionally in Arbroath, their name protected by the Protected Geographical Indication as is Palma ham, champagne and cognac.

Smoked fish is packed with umami and so versatile – delicious eaten as an hors d’oeuvres, in a salad or sandwich, stirred through pasta or risotto, added to a fish pie, as is…. you name it!

We have a lovely wide selection from our own hot smoked salmon to smoked haddock (including from The Kings Dish, a specialist smoker in Grimsby), Arbroath smokies, smoked mackerel, smoked trout, halibut, tuna and salmon. On the cured front, we also have classic and beetroot gravadlax.

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Cold-smoked tuna