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The Valentines platter is here

The Valentines platter is here

Have you ever heard of something so splendid that you just had to get it!? Well, the good news is our Valentines platter is here and there’s only a limited number available.

Introducing the Valentines platter

Valentines Day is about romance and traditionalism but why not think slightly outside the box this year?

You may have been thinking of taking your partner for a delicious meal at a local restaurant, or cooking them a banquet fit for their purpose but how about digging into a delicious fish feast for two?

Our Valentines platter is unique in the fact it contains a range of in season favourites such as Gamba prawns and a large dressed crab as well accessories to compliment including samphire, smoked mackerel pate and a lemon.

Not only that, our head chef Peter has created a mind-blowing homemade chocolate salted caramel cheesecake recipe and we’ll include two with each platter.

One for you, one for you loved one. These really are an amazing attack on the senses!

What do I get with my Valentine’s platter?

For only £60.00, you and your loved one (or best friend – we’re not limiting them to those in a relationship!) will get the following:

1 x large dressed crab; 4 x jumbo Gambas; 2 x smoked salmon roses; 2 x prawn Marie rose; 2 x smoked mackerel pate; 10 x tiger prawns; 20 x shellon prawns; 50g samphire; 1 x lemon; 2 x chocolate, salted caramel cheesecakes

Jenkins and Son Fishmongers Valentines Platter Deal Kent
Jenkins and Son Fishmongers Valentines Platter Deal Kent

How do I order a Valentines platter?

All you need to do is call us on 01304 364613 before Thursday 10th February 2022 to pre order and pay for your platter.

Alternatively, message us on our Facebook page and we’ll call you for payment details.

We’ll be taking orders until we shut the shop (around 3pm) in order for us to prepare and put together these visually appeasing collections.

Once you’ve placed your order, your platter will be put together by hand by head chef Peter and it will be available for collection after 10am on Saturday 12th February 2022.

Just pop by after 10am and it will all be ready for you to enjoy with your loved one.

Will you be making any more platters?

We put together our platters at special times of the year (such as Valentine’s Day) as well as Christmas however, if there’s enough interest, we may drop a few more throughout 2022.

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Jenkins and Son Fishmongers Valentines Day Platter Deal Kent
Jenkins and Son Fishmongers Valentines Day Platter Deal Kent