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Pot roast it!

Pot roast it!

Five fabulous pot roasts recipes

Pheasant and partridge are delicious and lean birds making for great eating, but if you’ve found them a touch on the dry and chewy side (always an issue for such lean wild meat) then why not pot roast them.

Pot roasting keeps the meat soft and moist and a great way to pair them with autumn flavours like mushrooms, chestnuts, apples or even pears to keep things seasonal.

And, it’s super easy; brown the bird in butter add to a pot with bacon and onion and other veg of your choice, add some sort of booze and into the oven while you go off and snooze in front of the fire with a little glass of something or whatever.

These recipes with work with either bird – just adjust the cooking time a little for the smaller birds – or indeed a mixture of both. Why not?!

Pot roasted pheasant with port and mushrooms

In this recipe from Delia Smith Online (remember her?) the pheasant is pot roasted with port and chestnut for a cockle-warming dinner for a cold night or even an alternative Christmas lunch they suggest.

Pot roasted pheasant with bacon, mushrooms and leeks

Bacon and mushrooms are natural friends of pheasant and partridge. This recipe by Rick Stein in Shooting Times, who we know and love for his fish cookery, but is a real game lover too, teams them with leeks and juniper.


Image courtesy of The Shooting Times

Pot roasted pheasant with root vegetables and sherry

A mixture of root veg including carrot, parsnip, swede, turnip and celeriac go into this recipe by Phil Howard for The Guardian, along with medium sherry. He tops it with a homemade dough crust, but if that’s too much bother, try a cobbler top or even a tight layer of double foil instead.


Image courtesy of The Guardian and Network Publishing.

Pot roasted pheasant with apples and cider

Apples are plentiful this time of year and if you’ve some windfalls that need a trim up, then this recipe from LoveFood is a good to use them up. The addition of cider makes it’s properly appley.

Pot roasted pheasant with pears

The last of our recipes is from All Recipes, pairs them (see what we did there!) with another traditional British fruit that is bang in season – pears.